Dave Zibman - Bass

Dave hails from Miami and has been playing bass since he was fifteen. Dave has played with scores of musicians, including Larry Dermer (Miami Sound Machine, Gloria Estefan), Glenn Tocci (George McCrae), Neil Cloud (Rabbit, Trevor Rabin, Peter Frampton), Barry Seiver (The Cichlids, Charlie Pickett, Savoy Brown), Mick Fazz (Critical Mass), Richard Huxen (Lift, Shiva Tribe), Charlie Pickett (Charlie Pickett & The Eggs), Pete Signore (The Cichlids), Ruth King and Al Broomfield. In the early 1980's Dave and buddy Glenn (Big Lou) Tocci's band ("Bugsy") was a sought-after dance band and worked all over the state of Florida. In the 1990's, Dave was the anchor of the highly popular Atlanta band "The Reasons". Check out Dave's website at www.5stringbass.com Photo by Tom Marnell.